My Life as a Dog

Friday, March 14, 2014

Reasons I Love Mom

Here is a little something I wrote about my mom the night after she stumbled and broke 7 ribs. It has been scary at times but I'm feeling positive about her progress currently. Anyway, I thought I would share this:

This morning my mom called me after having taken a spill while trying to clean some windows. My mom is 80 years old. Falls and older people are not a great combo. She ended up breaking 7 ribs and getting admitted to the ICU. As I spent several hours with her in the hospital I couldn't help but think of some of the many reasons I love my mom.

She Loves to Laugh

She loves to tell stories and usually she gets to chuckling quite a bit. Sometimes its so much that she can't quite tell the story. Today in the hospital despite having quite a few broken ribs she would laugh and laugh a lot. So much so in fact that it would cause her more pain. She say "might as well laugh." It so reminds me of her mother. Who knew that they would end up being so similar.

She Loves People

Doesn't matter who you are. My mom is interested in you. Especially if you are a baby or a young child. She was flirting quite a bit with her male night nurse. It was cute. As he and the two other female nurses left the room I could tell by their comments that my mom was a refreshing patient and one that they would enjoy taking care of.

She's Sensitive

Sometimes this seems like it might not be a real positive thing. I mean she does like to cry often. But I can't imagine having a mom who was not sensitive and tender. I don't know if its genetic or not but I'm pretty sure we all us kids inherited a bit of the cry gene from her.

She Expresses Her Love

When I go see my mom there is a hug when I get there and at least one (but probably many more) when leaving. She likes to hang on to me. She will grab my arm or hold my hand. Recently she has taken up to saying to me, "Take care of my baby." I know she worries about me and is concerned for me. Honestly sometimes these things might be a little annoying but I can't imagine a mom who would treat me any other way.

A note Mom wrote while on a ventilator when she couldn't talk.
"I love you Brian and Keith"

She's a Doer

Today at the hospital I told her that I don't think I've washed the windows in my house more than once. (Don't judge me!)  But here she is 80 years old and she is concerned with getting her windows clean. Not only that but as they were taking her to her room in the ICU she was explaining how she had gardening that she needed to do.