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Saturday, February 01, 2014

Happy New Month! (Again)

So you were probably thinking that I set my monthly goals for January and that was going to be the last you would hear about goals from me until next January. If that was the case, you were wrong! ;)

First of all I want to report on my January goals. I chose 4 things not necessarily big items to tackle but things that I felt would improve my quality of life.

  1. Go to sleep with the TV off - This seemed to be the one that was the hardest habit to break. Overall I think I would say I accomplished this. There were several days this month that I was sick and was in and out of sleep. I did allow myself to just leave the TV on even if I was getting sleepy.
  2. No chocolate donuts - This one was the easiest. I won't say I didn't have cravings but it certainly was the one that took the least amount of effort to follow through. 
  3. Push ups 5 times a week - This one took a little more work. Even being sick I managed to follow through on this one. If I was getting home late and just wanted to go to bed then I knew that I would have to do them in the morning.
  4. Read more - I've accomplished this one too. It didn't take too much to do "more" when I had been doing "none." But I have actually finished off Mockingjay now. So I'm ready for the movie and a new book.
January is over but these are not things that I'm giving up on. They will continue and hopefully I have made some good habits with them so it will seem like less of an effort.

That brings up to February and what will be my new challenges...
  1. No checking in on Facebook when I go to the gym. Nick is going to be excited about this one, right?! I initially started doing it to motivate myself to get to the gym. It was my accountability. Well let's be honest. At this point its not going to get me to the gym more or less. If you want to know my gym progress you'll just have to ask. You know I'll still be tracking it just not on Facebook. Believe it or not this will be an adjustment.
  2. Reduce my soda intake. I've kind of already started this one but need to commit to it here. I won't be buying any containers of soda to put in my house. No 2 liter bottles, no 12 can packs, etc... And I will not be stopping at Holiday Oil for my morning 44oz Diet Dr Pepper to take to work. Does this mean I'm eliminating all soda? No. I'm just eliminating two sources for now. I'll still be free to get sodas with lunch and or dinner. Oh, and as of now, there is no soda in my house. And by doing this I will naturally increase my water intake.
  3. Look for opportunities to give sincere complements. This can be a family member, friend, or even a random stranger. This one is going to be fun. I like giving genuine complements so it should be hard. But setting this goal will help me to have a more positive outlook in general. Look for the good!
  4. Reach out to my friends more. I admit it, I've been complacent. I often wait for others to contact me and as a result have turned into a bit of a hermit again in some ways. I want to be more proactive in being/having friends. I'm not sure exactly how to measure this one but I'm sure I'll be able to tell if I've done this or not.
Happy February!

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