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Saturday, January 25, 2014

P!nk - The Truth About Love Tour SLC 2014

Last Monday (Martin Luther King Day), a few friends and I finally got to see Pink in concert. We had bought tickets almost a year ago. She was supposed to be in Salt Lake City last October but was on doctor's orders to rest her voice. Initially they rescheduled it for later that same month. But they cancelled that one too. So needless to say, we've been pretty anxious to finally see her. Let me just say it was worth the wait! I've been to a lot of concerts over the years and nothing compares to this. I expected that she'd do a few physical performances based on performances I had seen on TV. But I had no idea that the whole show would be packed with one physically demanding number after number. This was the kind of show I would expect to see only in Vegas. Not the kind that would be going on tour. We kind of had not the greatest seats and in retrospect I wish I would have paid some bigger money to get some great seats. Never the less it was my favorite concert performance I've ever been to. I'm going to include a few videos here so that you can see for yourself. The YouTube videos are not mine but better capture some of the awesomeness of your performances. The Facebook videos are from me and are not great but give you an idea.

Pink - Raise Your Glass

Pink - So What

Pink - Try

Pink - Just Give Me a Reason

Pink - Sober

Pink - Who Knew

Pink - Try

Pink - You and Your Hand