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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Peru / Panama 2013 - Amazon Arrival

Monday, Sept 9

This was a day of travelling. We were supposed to get up early (which we did) and catch a flight to Iquitos. The weather was not cooperating and the flight was delayed a few hours which we spent at the airport. We eventually got on our plane and headed to our next destination. We landed in Iquitos at the smallest airport terminal I have ever seen. I believe that there were two gates. We squeezed the whole group into a tiny bus shown above and headed to a hotel where we would be served our lunch. The city is the largest city (I believe in the world) that has no roads that go to it. You can fly to it or boat to it up the Amazon. The city is full of rickshaws.

When it was time to get on the boats and head to our resort on the Amazon the rains started to pour. It is the rain forest after all. So again we spent a long time waiting for the rain to slow down enough that we could board the boats. Fortunately there was a nice structure that we could take shelter in rather than the packed bus. Eventually we got to board the boats and we were on the Amazon. It was a bit surreal to me. We traveled about an hour down the Amazon before we reached our destination. I was glad that towards the end of our trip we got to pull up the plastic windows because the rain had stopped.

By the time we reached our resort it was dark. We just ate dinner, explored a bit and headed to bed. The food that we ate on the Amazon was sooooo good. Probably the best from the trip. As we wondered around the resort on the walkways it was cool to hear the frogs going crazy. We spotted a few frogs and actually a few tarantulas as well. Honestly it had freaked us out a bit. Some people had frogs or other bugs in their bathrooms. We found out that the electricity would turn off at 11pm. That meant that the ceiling fans would stop then as well. That first night was a long one. I slept with just a sheet on me because it was so hot and humid. But I also was a little freaked out at what might be crawling over me. After seeing things in the daylight the next day I slept much better the other nights.