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Friday, December 27, 2013

Peru / Panama 2013 - Panama City

Thursday, Sept 12

We started the day's tour of Panama by heading to the Panama Canal. It was interesting to learn a bit of the history and see just how massive it is. I didn't realize that there are actually two sets of locks and a lake in between. They are in the process of building new canals to help efficiency.

After the tour we were surprised to find ourselves at the LDS temple grounds in Panama City. Our tour guide, a former LDS bishop, didn't tell us that this was going to be part of the tour. The temple grounds were beautiful as they always are even though the weather had been a little gray. The temple was having some kind of work on it apparently as there were a bunch of guys up on the top of temple in bright yellow shirts messing up all my photos. ;)

Next was a visit to the old Panama City. It was very much how it seems New Orleans would be. The same kind of architecture. Very cool. They are in the middle of a big renovation project there. Some of the building are in horrible shape and yet there are people living in them. There were several buildings that were basically just walls with huge trees that had grown up in them. When the renovation is done it will be very cool.

That evening we spent on the rooftop of our hotel where the swimming pool was located. It provided an awesome view of the city and the sunset. It was our last night out of the country and we just enjoyed it relaxing.