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Friday, December 27, 2013

Peru / Panama 2013 - Amazon to Panama

Wednesday, Sept 11

After breakfast, we pulled on our galoshes and headed back out for a jungle walk in the daylight. I expected that we might see a lot animals. I was clearly spoiled from my South Africa trip. We spotted the sloth that we had seen the previous night on a jungle walk and he was in pretty much the exact same spot. We did see lots of butterflies, which were incredibly difficult to take photographs of. There were lots of interesting plants and insects. But no lions, tigers, or bears! :(

After the jungle walk we boarded our boats with all our luggage and headed back to Iquitos. This time we were going up river and it definitely seemed to take a lot longer than it did traveling to the resort. In Iquitos we went to eat lunch at the same hotel we ate at when we arrived.

Then it was time to head to the airport and catch our plane to Panama City.

We arrived in Panama in the evening, met our local tour guide, boarded a bus, and headed to the hotel. I was surprised by Panama City. There were tons of sky scrapers. I'm not sure what I expected but it wasn't that. Reminded me a little of a mix between Dubai and Las Vegas. I was surprised that it appeared so wealthy.

We got to our the Victoria Hotel & Suites after a lot of slow traffic. For dinner we wandered down around the corner to a place called Manolo's with Alan, Melissa, Deanna, & Harry. It was interesting because it seemed that people in Panama had a harder time understanding English than the people in Peru. And yet the menus were in English and Spanish. It was also interesting to learn that they use USA currency. We had to be careful on getting change though because sometimes they would try and give you Balboas. Nobody wants those Balboas!