My Life as a Dog

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Rock Canyon Trail to the Campgrounds

Another week. Another hike. I must have the hiking bug. I just feel the need to explore and be busy. Today I decided that I'd take a few hours and take the Rock Canyon Trail up to the Rock Canyon Campground (which to get to by car you go up Provo Canyon.) I've started this trail a few times. The first time was a few weeks ago and I only went up just over one mile. The second time was last week when I detoured up to Squaw Peak. This time I went all the way up to the campgrounds. It was just under 3 miles one way with a elevation climb of 1,665 feet. Not nearly the climb of hiking to Squaw Peak but it was good hike non the less. I finished it all under 2.5 hours. Once I passed the turn off for the Squaw Peak trail I ran into no other hikers. I didn't take my big camera this time. I just used my iPhone a lot. But this time I did remember to bring a big water bottle and that was a good thing. They have two drinking fountain along the trail. I've been to the first one before and drank from it. It's about a mile up the trail. But I had never been to the second one. When I got there this time, I found out that it wasn't working. So I'm glad I had my own. They probably had water at the campgrounds but I forgot to look. There was a bathroom up there but I didn't check it out either. I was surprised that I didn't see anyone up there camping. Fall is coming. I saw the signs. Before too long I'll have to hang up my hiking shoes and that makes me sad. So enjoy it while it lasts!

Here you can view my hiking trail on Nike+.