My Life as a Dog

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Rock Canyon Trail

After a weekend of being sick and pretty much stuck at home, I was super stir crazy. I got in my car and went for a drive. I ended up at Rock Canyon Trailhead. I had never done any hiking from there but I knew it was a popular spot. I got out of my car with my headphones and my sunglasses not sure what I would do. At first I wondered up the Bonneville Shoreline about a half mile which had an awesome view of the valley. After a while I got bored the trail and decided to head back to my car. When I got close to my car I decided instead to follow the trail up the canyon a bit instead. I only went up to where there was a water fountain which I believe is just over a mile. Then I decided o head back since I really hadn't planned on hiking. Next time I'm going to go up to the campground at least. It looked like a pretty interesting trail. And after doing a little research online I think I'd like to hike from Rock Canyon up to Squaw Peak.