My Life as a Dog

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Kimball Arts Festival - Park City

When my good friend, Andrea, asked if I'd like to go to the Kimball Park City Arts Festival I said, "Sure!" I had never been to the one in Park City and this year I missed the Salt Lake City Arts Festival because I was out of town. 

We made sure to get up there a little early and that paid off because for quite a while there were no crowds. We enjoyed the various booths and art. Oh and maybe a few dogs. Andrea got tired of me joking, "Oh Andrea, look, there's dog!" But of course that didn't stop me. She does love dogs! ;)

For lunch we stopped at one of my favorite Park City restaurants, Main Street Pizza & Noodle where we ordered way too much pizza. At least it was yummy!

After lunch is when the crowds really started to pour in. And that is also when we ran into my old high school classmate, Willie Holdman. He is this awesome landscape photographer and one day I hope to be like him. Well, I would settle for a lot less actually. Anyway, he has his studio n Park City also. So we spent a little time checking it out as well. 

Some of my favorites booths were: Willie Holdman (obviously!), Yardbirds, and Rewind Jewlery (see the image below.) There were lots of other interest booths and some that were well just kind of awkward. But hey its art and art is subjective. 

I bought nothing as always. Andrea on the other hand always limits herself to one purchase. She did good! :)