My Life as a Dog

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Alta to Cecret Lake

This past weekend my buddy, Ty, and I wanted to do something fun. After a some polling from family and friends about hikes off of the Salt Lake Valley, we decided to start at Alta and hike to Cecret Lake. I had been wanting to explore some areas other than the Utah Valley hikes that I'm more used to. 

We parked at the Goldminer's Daughter in Alta which probably wasn't the best choice given that we walked up the resort under the transfer tow up to Albion where there were closer parking lots. Oh well, we were out for a hike anyway, right?! From there we followed the main trail all the way to Cecret Lake. On the way we saw lots of beautiful scenery including tons of colorful wildflowers and also two moose. We got some pretty good photos of the first moose as he was laying in a meadow and later when he got up to munch on some trees. The other one was more hidden in a cluster of trees. 

Shortly before we got to Cecret Lake the rain started to pour down. Although we got wet and kind of cold, it was nice because it cleared out almost everyone from the lake. The whole hike took us around 4 hours and I figure it was about 2.5 to 3 miles one way. Good times!Alta