My Life as a Dog

Friday, March 15, 2013

Plan B

It has become routine for me as part of my morning rituals to just pack a gym bag. Most days I go to the gym during my lunch to run, spin, or lift weights. But some days I have work lunches or I make plans to go to lunch with a friend. I've learned that even if I have non-gym plans during lunch that I should ALWAYS pack a gym bag. Plans often change. Like today I had scheduled a lunch with one of my buddies only to find out after I got to work that he was going to have to go into work early. While I was disappointed about the cancelled lunch appointment, I would have been more disappointed had I not planned on having a second option.

The gym has become my Plan B. Well, sometimes its Plan A. But for the purpose of this post its my Plan B. Often in the evening if I have not made plans or I have had plans get cancelled, I would generally be left feeling kind of low. I have learned that one of the best things that I can do is just head to the gym. I get the benefit of a workout and I don't feel lonely because there are lots of people around (even if I'm not talking to them.) Several times this has resulted in me going to the gym twice a day.

Whatever your Plan B is I recommend that you have one. And it should be something that doesn't require another person. Because there are times that there is no one else available and you'll just have to make do. Just be prepared with your backup!