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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Del Sol Ragnar 2013 Preview

I just realized that tomorrow I fly to Phoenix to run my third Ragnar and I haven't updated my blog as to the details. This will be the first Ragnar for me this year and the first time I've run the Del Sol Ragnar. To date I've only done the Vegas Ragnar both in 2011 and 2012. But this year I have committed to run Del Sol (Phoenix), Wasatch Back (Utah), and Vegas Ragnar Relays.

The idea of running the Del Sol Ragnar came about because we were joking about how many medals we could get. Each relay gets you at least one medal for finishing. But if you run Vegas and Wasatch Back, you get a medal for each race and then a combined medal (The Saints and Sinners medal) for running both. Also if you run Vegas and any other Ragnar Relay (other than the Wasatch Back) you get a combined medal (The Deuces Wild medal) for that.

The timing of the Del Sol Relay was also appealing since its warm in Phoenix in February but not too hot. A nice-weather getaway from cold Utah. The timing of the this relay was good because the majority of our van is several weeks into marathon training for the Ogden Marathon.

Conveniently I was able to find another team online that needed 6 other runners. That worked out perfectly since we had 6 runners and didn't want to be in charge of organizing a whole team. Our team name which was chosen before we joined was the HBBs. It was only after we were committed that we found out what it stood for. Our van will say it stands for Honey Badger Bros. :)

We are Van 1 and our runners are:
  1. Erik
  2. Braden
  3. Bryant
  4. Ty
  5. Brian
  6. Matt

Here are the legs that will be running. 17 miles. This will be my longest Ragnar yet.

Leg 5 - 6.7 Miles

Leg 17 - 5.6 Miles

Leg 29 - 4.7 Miles