My Life as a Dog

Friday, January 11, 2013

Recommit & Do It Publicly

Last year at about this time I posted on my blog my Then & Now entry. After than post I went on to get down below 190 lbs. As I exercised and exercised, I started worrying less and less about what I was eating. I've slowly let my weight creep up above 205 lbs. I keep trying to tell myself its not a big deal and keep pushing ahead doing what I've been doing. The problem is that that is how I got as large as I was before. So yesterday when I did my daily weigh-in and saw that I was up to 208 lbs I decided that I had to do something about it then.

  1. I updated my then and now photo to better remind myself what I'm capable of achieving.
  2. I downloaded My Fitness Pal and set it up to track my goals, calories, exercise, etc...
  3. I started making commitments to family and friends.
  4. I decided to blog about this to further commit myself.

I've been doing great with exercise. I'm still super active. It's become a habit for me and I enjoy it. I spin at least twice a week. I usually run, do yoga, and lift weights on the other days with a day or two off during the week.

What I really need to be focusing my attention is on my calorie intake and what kind of calories I'm getting. This is where the My Fitness Pal is going to come in handy. I've only tracked one day's calories so far but I'm kind of excited about it all. Last time I was counting my calories I was using Lose It but My Fitness Pal seems much more complete. Yesterday it showed me that while I was under my allotted calories I had too many carbohydrate and fat calories and not enough protein calories. This is good to know! Anyway if you are on My Fitness Pal you can find me here: Add me as a friend.

For me, I've found this kind of public commitment helpful even though it makes me super nervous because it means I have to follow through. But while I'm nervous I'm also sooo excited! So here goes... :)