My Life as a Dog

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It's All In My Head

I know I post a lot about running. Maybe it makes you think that its effortless for me since I've been doing it for so long. But the reality is that many days its a mental battle that I have to fight. I know my body is capable of doing so much. It has shown me time and time again that it's stronger than I want to believe it is. Last Saturday was one of those days I was battling myself. As I was running 5 miles I realized that my inner dialog might be interesting to hear as an outsider. Here is my best attempt to reenact it.

Voice 1: 5 miles is a long ways to run. This is going to take me 45 minutes.
Voice 2: You've done this before. You will be fine.

Voice 1: It's only been 5 minutes. I'm already starting to sweat.
Voice 2: It's okay. Don't look at the controls for at least 3 songs.

Voice 1: I need to use my inhaler. I need to refill that prescription.
Voice 2: You're fine. You've been out for months and you still run just fine.

Voice 1: My shins are starting to hurt. I should walk some.
Voice 2: We are not going to walk yet. Your shins will loosen up as you keep running.

Voice 1: This isn't my best day. I might need to walk some and catch my breath.
Voice 2: Are you kidding me?! You always run at least 3 miles. You have to go at least that far.

Voice 1: I've only gone 15 minutes!
Voice 2: Yeah but 3 more minutes and you will have gone 2 miles. And that is 40% of the way.

Voice 1: I've only gone 40% of the way?!
Voice 2: Don't think about that. You've almost run for 20 minutes.

Voice 1: 45 minutes is a long time. I still have to run for 25 minutes!
Voice 2: Do you feel fine right now?

Voice 1: Yeah I'm fine.
Voice 2: Then just keep going.

Voice 1: Okay.
Voice 2: If you start to feel like you can't take another step then we can consider walking.

Voice 1: Okay.
Voice 2: Look! You've gone 3 miles. You've only got 2 miles left.

Voice 1: Okay.
Voice 2: 1 more minute to run a 5K.

Voice 1: No sweat.
Voice 2: 2 more minutes to run for 30 minutes. Then you just have 15 minutes to go.

Voice 1: Alright.
Voice 2: 15 minutes. That is less that 2 miles.

Voice 1: Okay.
Voice 2: 6 minutes more to go 4 miles. You can do anything for 6 minutes.

Voice 1: I've heard you say that before and then you just tack on another 6 minutes.
Voice 2: Just focus on now. Are you okay?

Voice 1: Of course I'm okay.
Voice 2: See you've gone 4 miles and you wanted to walk after 5 minutes. You're stronger than you think!

Voice 1: Yeah it wasn't as bad as I expected.
Voice 2: 1 miles left. That is less than 3 songs. Don't look down until this song finishes.

Voice 1: Oops! I accidentally looked.
Voice 2: It's okay don't look again until the song is over.

Voice 1: Okay
Voice 2: You can look. See you only have 6 minutes. You can do anything for 6 minutes!

Voice 1: Didn't you say that 9 minutes ago?
Voice 2: Yeah, and look at you! I was right.

Voice 1: Accepted.
Voice 2: You're almost there. Home stretch!

Voice 1: Phew! I'm done.
Voice 2: I knew you could do it all along. Why don't you believe in yourself?!