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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

My Date with the Laser

I wanted to blog about this right after it happened but thought I better give it a few weeks and see how things were going.

So 3 weeks ago I FINALLY bit the bullet and went in to get some laser hair removal. Why I waited 44 years I do not know. Well actually I do. It's expensive and a little scary. I've been anxious to get it done since I called my dermatology office this last summer to schedule an appointment. The aesthetician informed me that they run a holiday special every year during November/December and their prices are 50% off. I decided to do my full back, shoulders, and upper arms.

The weekend before I had trimmed my hair with clippers thanks to one of my great sisters. Then the night before the treatment and another great sister came to shave the remaining hair off with a razor.

Several years ago the dermatologist did just a small patch on my back to demonstrate how it would feel. I don't know if it was long enough ago or what but I remember thinking that it didn't hurt at all. But 3 weeks ago as I laid on my stomach and endured the constant zapping on my body I began to wonder if I could go through with it. After all this was the first of a suggested 6 treatments. Part way through the first treatment Robyn, the aesthetician, asked me if I was regretting my decision yet. She informed me that if I didn't want to pay for all the sessions immediately that it would be okay for me to think it over. I ended up paying for half of the treatments that day. (Still a large chunk of change.)

Not only was I surprised at how much it hurt but I was surprised by where it hurt. I kind of thought that the areas with more fat or sensitive skin would hurt. But the areas that hurt the most were the areas where I was hairiest. Go figure! I guess that really makes sense.

It's three weeks later now and I'm feeling like its going to work. I can see some hair coming back but I'm honestly surprised at how little there is already after just the one treatment. I go back in another three weeks for the second treatment. Fortunately I'm sure I've forgotten as to how bad it hurts.

When I decided to do this, I really didn't know very many people who had done this but as I've talked about it I've been surprised that there are lots of people who have been zapped. So if you are considering it I think its great. Of course you have to be a good candidate with dark hair and light skin in order for the procedure to work.

Robyn, my aesthetician