My Life as a Dog

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Men's Hair: Long vs Short

I have this theory that I've shared with some of my friends and family but today I am thinking that I need to spread the word even further. What triggered this you might ask? Well I was looking at a fashion blog and seeing all these models with long hair. Most of them looked great but I'm worried that it makes the general population think that its cool and they can pull it off. They can't!

You see when I was in my teenage years (okay and maybe into my 20s) I had the illusion that if I grew my hair out that I would look cool. So after several attempts and months of my hair looking super awkward in the hopes that one day it was going to be awesome, I realized that it was never going to happen and I would cut it all off again. Each time I would think that this was the time that it would look good. I was naive. Was it ever going to look good long? Never ever!

Why you ask? (And here is where my theory comes in.) Because any man that looks good with long hair has to be rediculously good looking to begin with. Which leads to the second part of my theory. Any man who looks good with long hair is going to look much better with short hair. You might not agree but I'm going to give you examples: