My Life as a Dog

Friday, November 02, 2012

Up Next: Vegas Ragnar 2012

Next weekend I will be running my 2nd Ragnar Relay Race in Las Vegas. (Click here for last year's Vegas Ragnar.) After the Big Cottonwood Half Marathon I took a bit of a break from running. Maybe too big a break. In the 6 weeks since that race I have run a total of 7 times! In my defense I was in Africa for over a week. (And no I haven't blogged about that yet!) Having just run a race where I ran 13.1 miles I thought Ragnar was going to be cake. After all my legs where relatively short. When I got from my Africa I decided that it was time to focus on Ragnar. So I went out to their website and checked out my assigned legs. I was surprised to find that they had changed! I now was going to have to run an additional 2.5 miles. Somehow that just seemed like a whole lot more. I buckled in and 5 of the 7 runs since  have been since the Africa trip. I'm feeling much better about the whole thing now since these last runs have been 5 miles long averaging 9 minute miles. I think I've got this! I'm runner 4 in  van 1 with my friends Ty and Bryant. Our team is called Trail CHASErs. (Most of the team is from Chase Bank.) Here are my legs:

Leg 4 - 5.8 Miles

Leg 16 - 5.6 Miles

Leg 28 - 3.5 Miles