My Life as a Dog

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fit to be Tied

You might have noticed that I really like bow ties. (See my previous post.) I appreciate that everyone else is getting on the band wagon. I love Express! So when I started seeing their advertisements showing bow ties I was excited. But upon further inspection I found out that they only sell pre-tied bow ties! Ugh! Really?!

This is my objection: What adult man would buy a pre-tied regular tie?! Those are only for little boys or for men who shouldn't be wearing ties anyway. Tying a bow tie is not a difficult thing. If you can learn to tie your shoes, you can learn to tie a bow tie. Watch the video at the bottom if you want to see how easy it is. Anyway I decided to give Express a little feedback on their Facebook page. They were quick to thank me for my feedback. It was nice to be heard. I doubt anything will change but you never know...