My Life as a Dog

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bow Ties, They're Back!

Bow ties, they're back! And I couldn't be happier. Back in my high school days I was a fan of the bow tie. They were kind of hard to find back then. I remember being quite envious of a friend who had a collection that he got handed down from his grandfather. For a short while in the 80's they became a little easier to find. And then suddenly they fell out of favor again. I've held onto every bow tie I ever bought. So up until this last year I've had around 10. During the last few decades I never felt like wearing one. I've been pleased lately to see them in all the fashion blogs and not only that but you can actually find a great selection in stores around town. Those shown above are ones that I've added to my collection within the last year. This trend might be gone in another flash but I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts. 

Oh and BTW if you do not tie your own bow tie, shame on you! :) If you need help learning I'd be more than willing!