My Life as a Dog

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Top of the Valley

In 2006 I hiked Mount Timpanogos for the for first time. Having lived all my life in Utah Valley it's just one of those things that I should have done long before then. After I finished the hike and stopped feeling the pain of it (blisters, chaffing, missing toe nails...) I thought, "This is something that I should do each year." Fast forward six years and I hadn't done it again. So a few weeks ago when I saw that some of my friends had already hiked up Timp I knew that I had to get on the ball and actually make it happen this year. I talked to a few friends that had already expressed interest in doing the hike. I created a Facebook event inviting a bunch more friends. After all, the more the merrier, no? The night before the hike Facebook indicated that there were 14 of us going to attend. Of course though, some people like to flake out last minute. After all it is a big commitment.

For those of us who did attend on July 21st, we started the hike from the Timpanooke trail head at 6:30am. It was supposed to be 5:30am. I was late and felt bad for my friends that were waiting for over 30 minutes for me to show up but I am glad they waited. The wild flowers were in full bloom and very aromatic except for one variety that smelled like stinky feet. Just past the meadow we saw three moose including one bull. They were very near the trail and not in much of a hurry to vacate. It was perfect to snap several photos. After spending some rest time on the saddle we headed up to the summit shack. It wasn't too long up there before a few of the guys started to feel a bit chilly so we began our descent. We reached the car around 3:30pm. Not bad considering I was thinking the entire hike would take about 11 hours.

Me 2006