My Life as a Dog

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Independence Day Hot Springs

Everyone loves a holiday, right? But what's a holiday without some fun plans? So this 4th of July I made plans to go on a hike. When my buddy suggested that we go up to the hot springs in Diamond Fork, I was all for that. I've heard about them for years but have never been. I figured it was high time and since he had been there several times I thought he would be perfect fellow hiker. Of course I brought my camera to take a few photos. But I wished that I would have also taken my tripod for some cool waterfall time-lapsed shots. Oh well, next time!

We started sometime after 9am. The hike was easy. I think it's about 2.5 miles. If and when I do it again, I think I will just wear sandals for the whole hike. We took our time hiking, taking a few photos along the way and chatting. The parking lot was pretty full when we got there so I was expecting the pools to have lots of people in them. After all it was a holiday! But when we reached the hot springs no one else was there. We had it all to ourselves for about 15 minutes. There wasn't a ton of water so the water was pretty hot in some parts but still quite nice in others. We took more photos, played around, soaked some, and ate snacks. Then it was time to head back down. We got back to the car by about 1pm.