My Life as a Dog

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Friends, Football, & Fireworks

Okay so maybe I should have said "soccer" instead of "football" but I really wanted the alliteration!

On the evening of the fourth I joined my friends Ty & Bry for more Independence Day celebrations. Ty cooked up some delicious dinner. (He's quite the cook!) Then we headed over to the Rio Tinto Stadium to join Bry's family for a Real Salt Lake soccer game. They played the Seattle Sounders. It was a fun game but it would have been more fun had RSL actually scored. :) The game ended with a tie of 0-0. 

Much of the fun is the fans. My favorite quote of the night was a fan yelling "Win it for America!" I'm not sure if that fan was aware that Seattle is actually part of America! I guess that's why there was a tie! :)

After the game, they allowed the fans in the north part of the stadium down onto the field to watch the fireworks that would have been behind them. We were in the north section so it was nice to get to go down and lay on the field watching the fireworks overhead. It's been a long time since I had been that close to the fireworks. I felt like I was right underneath them. So cool!