My Life as a Dog

Monday, July 09, 2012

Coconut Deliciousness!

I'm sitting at my computer desk munching on some of this delicious dried coconut and I'm feeling the need to scream to the world just how tasty it is. So here goes...

Last Saturday I stopped by Costco to pick a few thing for a family gather on Sunday. I happened to notice they have this dried coconut made by Philippine Brand, which is the same company that makes the delicious dried mango. Of course I needed to give a try. First of all I need to tell you that I am a fan of coconut, pretty much in every form possible. So this shouldn't be a big surprise to me but I think I'm addicted. Today, the 18oz. bag probably only has 3oz. of coconut left. I'm thinking that I might need to run back over to Costco to load up before I actually publish this post. :)