My Life as a Dog

Friday, June 29, 2012

Up and Coming

Now the the AF Canyon Half Marathon is over I have had lots of people ask me, "Well, what's next?" I kind of thought that I might have a break but I guess I'm not doing that. ;) So here is what is in the works as of today:

Aug 4 - Salt Lake Running Company's Free Summer 5K Fun Run 
It's free and I get a t-shirt!

Nov 9-10 - Vegas Ragnar Relay
I did this one last year but they have changed the course and I'm running it with people that mostly I do not know. I feel much more prepared this year after the half.

Jun 21-22, 2013 - Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay
Registration is already full on this one! Crazy! It's a year away and already all filled up. I'm glad I got on this band wagon early. I was feeling bad that I didn't do it after seeing my friends photos on Facebook. (I did have my nephew's wedding that week end. So I chose that instead!) But I'm looking forward to this one even though it's a year away. It will be the 10th year of Wasatch Back, the inaugural Ragnar relay.

Nov 2013 - Vegas Ragnar Relay
This will be my 3rd time but the first time that I did Wasatch Back and Vegas in the same year. That means a few extra medals. First the Saint and Sinners medal for doing both Wasatch Back and Vegas in the same calendar year. Second is a Deuces Wild medal for completing any other Ragnar relay and Vegas in the same calendar year.