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Friday, June 08, 2012

I Play Dirty

Yep, it's that time of year: time for the The Dirty Dash report. Back in November I registered a team of 7 but as always seems to be the case things change. Our team was changing up until the last week. In any case we ended up with a fun group of guys which makes all the difference when it comes to this "race."

This year the course was 5 miles with all sorts of added obstacles. And of course there seemed to be A LOT more people. Waiting in line to get past the obstacles probably took a large chunk of the time. Some people were skipping the obstacles but where is the fun in that?! For those that didn't want to do the full 5 miles there was also a 3.5 mile shortcut. After the first uphill mud run I think we were all for the shortcut but when the time came to decide we all went with the longer 5 miles.

This year instead of even trying the cold showers we opted for the hot showers for $6. Last year they were only $3. Dang inflation! Oh well it was definitely worth it!

Afterwards we stopped in Park City for some grub at Cafe Rio/Kneaders. Boy was I hungry! :)

Oh and this year the photogs actually got a few good photos of me so I bought some. See them below.

You can read last year's post here: You Gots To Get Dirty.

After (we lost Erik somewhere along the race)

On the big slide

In the mud pit

The Dirty Dash video create from the 2011 race

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