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Friday, April 13, 2012

My First RSL Game

(Photo credit: Marc Edwards

Last Saturday I went to my first ever professional soccer game. It was Real Salt Lake vs. Colorado. RSL won 2-0. 

I'm not a super huge sports fan. Especially when it comes to watching them on television. But I have found that I enjoy live sporting events almost always. This year I bought a Pass of All Passes from a Groupon deal. As part of that deal there are 4 RSL games that you can get into free. I had tried going to one previously but it was sold out. Fortunately they give you a rain check to guarantee you entry to another game. So my buddy, Stephen, and I went to check out our first game. Neither of us had been to game or to the Rio Tinto Stadium. The weather had been so nice for the days prior to the game and even that day it was much nicer earlier. I'm glad that I ended up wearing pants though rather than the shorts that I was considering. I also brought a zippie which ended up being very valuable. I could see why they sell all sorts of REAL scarves and blankets! It was a good time especially since RSL won. Below is the view we had most of the game. We had some zealots that felt the need to stand through most of the game.

Here's a recap of the game:

Here are the highlights: