My Life as a Dog

Monday, April 02, 2012


Last Saturday was the Fun. concert. Yes, the concert was fun and that is the name of the band too: Fun.

A few months ago my buddy, Taylor, inadvertantly introduced me to Fun. via Facebook. He had posted a link Fun's new album on iTunes. When I listened to their music I realized that the lead singer's voice was familiar. In fact, it was Nate Ruess from The Format (who I already loved). Shortly after that I started hearing their "We Are Young" single all over the place.

Taylor had informed me that he would be coming down from Idaho with some friends to see Fun in concert at the end of March. I was not only looking forward to seeing Taylor but I thought it would be great to see Fun in concert. I had seen The Format several years ago and really enjoyed that show.

I tried getting some of my buddies down this way to go with me. By the time I got some excitment about going I went to buy some tickets only to find out that they had sold out just before I got there. I had made plans to at least meet up with Taylor and his friends before the show to get some dinner. Then the hope was that somehow I would be able to score a ticket to get in. The day before the show I updated my Facebook status saying, "Brian knows this is a LONG shot but who has a Fun concert ticket that they need to get rid of?" To my surprise, my nephew had a ticket for me. Yay!

I met up with Taylor, his brother Joel, and his friend Julene at The Gateway for some dinner at Biaggi's. It was a good time. Plenty of laughs, great food, and an entertaining waiter.

After the dinner we wandered over to In the Venue about an hour early only to find a super long line. As we moved to the back of the line one of my cute nieces (Brooke) flagged me down. We huugged, chatted for a bit, and joined them in line. No one seemed to mind too much. Whew! Before long my other cute niece (Bri) and her friends joined us too. One of the best parts of finding my neice was that her and Taylor were wearing similiar outfits! ;) Taylor being funny said, "This isn't the first time this has happened."

Taylor is a great photographer. He decided that he was going to get his DSLR into the concert by disassembling it and putting it in Julene's purse. As we got to the front of the line we saw that they were doing purse checks. Julene and Taylor quickly arranged things so that the camera parts were at the bottom of the large bag. When the bouncer guy was checking the back he was easily distracted by Julene's monkey butt wipes. (I still don't know what they are.) The point is if you are trying to sneak something into a concert make sure that you bring plenty of random crap to distract the purse inspectors. :)

Needless to say the concert was lots of fun! Fun put on a great show. Lots of high energy! All the photos of Fun were taken by Taylor. Checkout some of the videos I took with my iPhone.