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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rex Lee Run 5K - 2012

Last Saturday I rejoined two of my good friends to rerun the Rex Lee Run 5K. We did it together last year with a few other friends. You can read about it here: Rex Lee Run 2011. When I first thought about running this race again this year I thought that I would do the 10K instead but the close it got, the more I realized that I was not prepared for that. So we all ended up running the 5K. The weatherman had said that it was supposed to be rainy and windy. I was pleased that it was neither until we finished the race.

The course starts with a lot of up hill for the first mile. I was determined this time to take it slower and not expend all my energy passing others getting up the hill. I think it worked out better for me. This year I finished about 50 seconds faster than last year with a time of 29:49 minutes.

Here's a little comparison between this and last years stats:
This Year - 2012 Last Year - 2011
29:49 Minutes 30:40 Minutes
196/452 in Gender 323/581 in Gender
8/25 in Age Division (40-44) 10/19 in Age Division (40-44)
314/1144 Overall 489/1356 Overall

My friend, Bryant, who placed 1st in his division

It's just a tradition now! :)

At one point this white-haired guy runs up by me and passes me a bit. Later I catch back up with him and run along side him for a while. Soon I realize that he is talking to me even though I have my headphones in. I removed my headphones from my left ear to hear what he was saying. He said, "We're not that old." What?! I'm like, "I may not be super young but really? You are putting us in the same category?" Well he did finish before me so I guess I shouldn't be too offended. :)