My Life as a Dog

Friday, February 03, 2012

Yoga Beginner

Last night I had made plans to hang out with a friend. Sometime in the afternoon he texted and asked if I would go to yoga with him. I told him that I had gone spinning during lunch, that I had plans to play racquetball with my brother in the evening, and that I would be too spent by the time to do yoga. Never mind the fact that I was still trying to get over my cold. The short story is that he was very persistent and I caved in. I mean, I have wanted to try yoga. I just didn't feel like this would be a good time for my first impression. Being the awesome friend that I am I went. It wasn't easy -- far from it! But it really wasn't as bad as I had expected. I wasn't as uncoordinated and unbalanced as I thought I might be. There were a few times that I needed to rest or when I fell out of the poses. But all in all I felt like it was a success. I actually look forward to going again. That is assuming that I can still walk tomorrow. So here is to trying out new things! :)