My Life as a Dog

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Going with the Flowrider

Another first here... After hitting the gym last night for spin class my friend, Stephen, really wanted to try the Flowrider at Provo Beach Resort. I can't really say that I was super excited about it but I'm usually up for trying new things and challenging myself. I've never been surfing or snowboarding. Nor have I hardly stepped on a skateboard. So needless to say I was not a natural. :)

Thanks to some help from Stephen and the lifeguard I was able to stay up for about a minute on my final attempt. And just when I was ready to give up. My friend, Chris, came too. Stephen is a little camera shy so there are only videos of Chris and I.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Discount Tire -- Take 2

Since it seems that the Internet is full of people who have complaints I wanted to spread some good will to a company has always provided great customer service to me: Discount Tire.

Last week I had taken my car into Discount Tire in Orem to get my tires rotated. I wanted to make it through the winter with the tires that came on my Accord when I bought it last summer. The front tires were getting too worn but I thought still good enough to rotate. Well the guys at Discount Tire said that the legally couldn't because they didn't have enough tread left. I was kind of bummed out. I wasn't expecting to have to get new tires just yet. So Lance, the store manager, said that if they had some used tires that would fit my car they would put those on for me free of charge. Mind you, I didn't even buy the tires on my car from them. I have gone to them for years though for my two previous cars. The Orem store didn't have the right size but Lance made a few calls to other stores and found two that were the right size. He told me to come back the next day and that he would have one of the guys pick them up from the other location. I was still shocked that they were doing this for free. Lance confirmed that there was not any charge. Even after they got my car all fixed up I was still expecting the surprise charges for something. But it never happened. The tires they put on my care were practically new. Now that is some awesome customer service. I'll be back.

Oh and this is not the first time I've had such a good experience with them. See my Discount Tire post from Sept 2009.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Lions, Tigers, and Brian. Oh My!

It's official! My plane ticket is purchased. I'm going to Africa this fall. I know it's a long ways away but that will give me lots of time to be excited, right? Nevermind the shots that I will have to get. I'll be going on a guided tour with two of my friends in South Africa for 8 days.

As I was getting my necessary information to book the trip I needed to look at my passport for how my name was listed. In the process I got a good look at my photo. Ugh! I get to keep that for several more years since I just got it in 2009.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Yoga Beginner

Last night I had made plans to hang out with a friend. Sometime in the afternoon he texted and asked if I would go to yoga with him. I told him that I had gone spinning during lunch, that I had plans to play racquetball with my brother in the evening, and that I would be too spent by the time to do yoga. Never mind the fact that I was still trying to get over my cold. The short story is that he was very persistent and I caved in. I mean, I have wanted to try yoga. I just didn't feel like this would be a good time for my first impression. Being the awesome friend that I am I went. It wasn't easy -- far from it! But it really wasn't as bad as I had expected. I wasn't as uncoordinated and unbalanced as I thought I might be. There were a few times that I needed to rest or when I fell out of the poses. But all in all I felt like it was a success. I actually look forward to going again. That is assuming that I can still walk tomorrow. So here is to trying out new things! :)

Thursday, February 02, 2012

American Fork Half Marathon

Two days ago a friend and neighbor liked the American Fork Canyon Half Marathon & 5K page on Facebook. I decided to look the page and as a result the website. So far this year I hadn't really committed to any bigger runs. As I looked at the course description I thought if there was a half marathon that I should start with that this was the one. The majority of the course is downhill. Although I've never run this far in any one time I think I could do it. I may not be speedy but what's new? The half marathon isn't until June 23rd. So I have time to prepare. And I recruited two running buddies to do it as well.

Anyway, the point of this entry is to announce that I have registered for the American Fork Half Marathon! Let the training begin.