My Life as a Dog

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Hacking the Hackers

About a year ago I had a conversation on Facebook with a friend of mine who I basically had not talked to since I had added him a year earlier. He informed me how he was in England and had been mugged. After chatting for a while I quickly realized that his account had been hacked. I said something to the hackers and immediately the hackers had blocked me.

So today when my cousin's niece started chatting with me and telling me a similar story I decided to have a little more fun with it. See our conversation.


Juli said...

Ay-yi-yi! But I guess they keep doing it because someone keeps wiring them money.

bendone said...

Looks like maybe it is all machine responses, since he did not say anything about Bob or Elizabeth, but it was very funny.

BradlyD said...

Very funny. I will have to show you my email conversations with a Nigerian scammer. I can't believe you used E and me!

The Pixton Family said...

So funny!