My Life as a Dog

Monday, September 19, 2011

Miller Motorsports Park

September 9th my company treated us to a half-day trip to Miller Motorsports Park out near Tooele, UT to do the Mustang Experience. We divided the company up. Three of us went in the morning bright and early! (Had to be there by 8am.) And the other four went in the afternoon.

We got to the track a little early. Google told me it would take 1.5 hours to get there but it was more like an hour. Anyway, we wondered around their museum for a bit before the class started. We had a short instruction period where they basically explained how it was going to work and talked about some of the physic of driving then it was time to burn some rubber.

The class had 10 people in it and there were two instructors. One instructor took half the class and the other the rest. The instructor drove the pace car and then the rest of his group followed him 3 to 4 car lengths behind the car in front of it. Each drive got the chance to be right behind the pace car for 2 laps. So we each drove a total of 10 laps around the track. If you look at the map below we were just on the east half of the track.

It was loads of fun. My only wish is that I wouldn't have been right behind my overly cautious boss who was all too familiar with the brake. (Sorry if you are reading this Jason.)

After we finished our 10 laps, then we got to ride with one of the instructors for two laps. This is where is got to be a really fun. I'm not sure how fast we got going but I know it was lots faster than we went on our own.

Thanks for the Mustang Experience bosses!