My Life as a Dog

Friday, September 23, 2011

Losers! (not us but BYU)

Last Saturday me and my buddy, Kyle, dared to venture out to watch BYU and University of Utah face off at BYU. Kyle is a die-hard fan and I, well, I'm a good friend. We got tickets earlier that week and they were not cheap. To be a real fan I even went out and bought a BYU t-shirt which might have had its first and last wearing. Kyle provided me with a hat since he has a collection.

The game (like you don't already know) was a big old joke. Not that I'm a big football fan but I have never seen such a mess of a game! Shortly after half time the BYU fans started leaving the game by hoards. We stuck it out to the bitter end. If nothing else the company was loads of fun as always.

I shot a new Facebook profile photo for him since he was all dressed up in his fan uniform

We did have a Jimmer spotting.

We spotted this too. I'm thinking that smile didn't last long.