My Life as a Dog

Sunday, August 28, 2011


So before you get all excited let me inform you that this post is not about a Disney movie. It's a tale about my pinkie finger and a wake boarding rope. It's not happy story but hopefully it has a happy ending.

Saturday I went with some of my Ragnar Relay team up to Echo Reservoir where we went on a 4 mile run and then planned on hopping in the water to cool off. The run was hot and dry but it was good. There is a nice little dirt trail that runs along the lake and I was able to use my handy Nike+GPS iPhone application to track how far we had gone, etc.

After the run we were more than ready to cool. We got the boat in the lake, changed into our swim suits, and hopped into the lake. It was a little chilly initially but felt so good! Since my last adventures in wake boarding I was a little nervous that I was going to have a hard time getting up or that I would not be able to get up this time. I procrastinated trying until everyone else had taken a turn. Then I decided to brave it and it get it done. My first attempt wasn't much of anything. I lost hold almost immediately. When the boat circled back around me I was pulling the rope so that I could get the handle. In the process of doing so I got my pinkie finger tangled up in the rope. Fortunately the boat was moving pretty slow but soon I found that I was being pulled by my pinkie finger through the water with the wake board attached to my feet. It didn't take long before a began to yell. The boat stopped and I got my finger untangled. I could tell it was going to hurt but it wasn't yet. So I opted to try getting up again. This time I got up pretty easy and I actually stayed up the longest that I think I have so far. When I did wipe out I felt like I had accomplished my goal by making my sophomore (I'm not counting the first time where I never got up) wake boarding experience a success. By then I could tell that I needed to start my finger in rehab. I iced it nice and good for the rest of the time on the boat.

Me Icing My Finger
How My Finger Looks This Morning 
I can bend it. It's really swollen and pretty bruised. But in the end I think that it is going to be okay.