My Life as a Dog

Monday, August 29, 2011

Rolling in the Deep with Adele

I love, love, love Adele! I saw her in concert several years ago when she toured for her first album in 2009. She was amazing live! The show had sold out and the venue was super packed. So back in March when I heard that she was coming back to Utah in May, I quickly bought as many tickets (4) as they allowed because I knew that I would have plenty of takers. Indeed I quickly had friends that wanted tickets. Even more friends than tickets. Several ended up finding tickets on their own since it was general admission. It was after I bought them that I realized that it was on Sunday. Oops! 

So way back in May we got all ready to see the show. We were just minutes from The Depot where she was slated to perform when we found out that the show had indeed been cancelled do to her illness. Boo!

Fortunately she rescheduled for August 21. The venue was changed too so that they could sell more tickets. I would have preferred The Depot as it is a more intimate setting but The Gallivan Center (the new venue) is nice too because it's outside.

Me and 5 friends got there about an hour early and it wasn't too early. There was a huge line just to get in. We were super smart though when we picked up our tickets from will call, we just worked our way into the line. Sorry everyone that was still in line. Once we got in I ran into several other friends including a few who had set up camp at the front of the lawn section. It was there that I enjoyed the entire show. Adele was amazing live. I think she is even better live than recorded which is not usually the case. The evening was great! Great friends, great music, great weather, and great people watching! 

Speaking of people watching... this is one of the most bizarre things I have ever witnessed at a show and I have been to a lot of shows! There was this short gray haired old lady that was working her way up through the crowd and as she was moving along she would grab everyone's bum. I got in on the action as well as pretty much all of my friends. :)

Watch the videos below. It will be like you were really there.