My Life as a Dog

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wake Boarding Success!

Three Saturdays ago I went out on Utah Lake with some friends. The idea was to go wake boarding. I love being out on the water in a boat but when it comes to water sports I've had little to no success. As a kid we had a boat but when my family was doing the bulk of their water skiing, I was too small for the skis. By the time I was interested in trying it out my siblings had all moved on to other activities and the boat was getting old. I do remember once (I was probably junior high age) that I went water skiing with some of my family and after many attempts I was finally able to get up.

Well I few decades later and I decided to challenge the belief that I just couldn't do it. I went in with a real positive attitude that this time I was going to do it no matter how long it took. Plus this was wake boarding, not water skiing. After watching two of my friends succeed at wake boarding, I realized it was my turn. I hopped in the water and gave it a full effort, maybe too much of an effort. They boat dragged me over and over as I struggled to get out of the water. After about 8 tries I was exhausted and decided that it wasn't going to happen. So I got in the boat and had some lunch instead. ;)

Well last Saturday I had the opportunity to try for a second time. I knew that I would get in and give it a try again but this time I was less hopeful than the first. Again after watching friends just pop up and board, I hopped in the water and gave it a good ol' try. I tried 3 or 4 times and then my instructor, Steve, decided this case was serious enough to get in the water with me. He had told me the previous week that he could get anyone up and he had a great track record. So with Steve in the water with me showing me exactly how the board should be in the water I was finally able to get up. In fact I got up twice with his help in the water. But then I was able to get up twice on my own. Yay! Next time I'm going to work on what to do once I'm up. ;)

Oh and we did some tubing too!