My Life as a Dog

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Suit Up!

It's been around 2 decades since I last donned a suit. I haven't bought one since my mission and, well, I've been home for about 22 years! I've thought several times over the years that I really should have a suit but have just never loved myself in a suit when I'd try them on. So back in May I went shopping with some friends to University Mall. I mentioned that I wanted a suit and then my friends insisted that we go try some on. First we went to Macy's and spent some time trying on jackets. Nothing really was working. I joked about getting one at Nordstroms but thought they would be way to expensive for what I wanted to spend. When we got there I found that one of my old coworkers from ZCMI was the manager there. He was incredibly helpful. We found a few suits that fit well and he even told me when they would go on sale. Since I was in no rush (it had been 20 years) I decided to wait for the sale. I should have gone in immediately when the sale started because by the time I did go in, they had to have my suit shipped to me from Alaska! So a few weeks later after shipping and a few alterations, I have a suit! I wore it today for the first time. No special occasion really. Oh I guess I could say that I wore it to hear my mom talk in sacrament meeting. Below is a more full view of the suit -- BTW, that is not me below. ;)