My Life as a Dog

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

17 Miracles and a Few Tears

For our single's group FHE (Family Home Evening) this week we went to see 17 Miracles at the Scera theater.

17 Miracles is the story of the Mormon Willie Handcart Company coming west to late in the year. It's centered around Levi Savage, who feared that leaving late in the season would lead to despair and death. He was right but the movie accounts for the miracles as well. It was pretty moving and so sad to think about what they had to go through.

Of course I was a bit teary. I try to be a quiet crier if I am going to cry. At one point I sniffled a bit and I could feel a pair of eyes looking at me. I glanced sideways to see my friend Melissa and sure enough she was looking at me. She asked incredulously, "Are you crying?" My reply was, "Shut up."

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I Got a Bag of Crap!

Yay! I finally did it. And no it was not on fire on my doorstep. I'm talking about the Bag of Crap that I have been working for years to obtain. Up until now I've only known a few lucky Wooters that have obtains such a reward. I figured that I better hurry and blog about it because once it gets here I might not be nearly as excited once I realize that it really is just crap.

For all you uninitiated, a Bag of Crap is an item that comes up for sell on Woot. Typcially they come up for sell when Woot is having a Woot-Off. You see, normally Woot sells one item each day until it sells out or until the day is over. But when they are having a Woot-Off they sell items until they are sold out. The items change through out the day. If you are lucky you can happen to espy a Bag of Crap and if their servers are not overloaded you might even be able to purchase one. A Bag of Crap is three items that each cost $1 and then you have to pay $5 shipping. Just because it only cost $1 doesn't mean that is it's real value. In fact, there are rumors as to how one of the items might be a flat panel TV. Okay I've never known anyone to actually get one of those but a boy can dream, right? I've hear that sometimes you get a letter instead of an item. This is a good sign because it's supposed to mean that the item was too large to fit in your bag.

Then again these could all just be urban legends. If I win big I will blog about it and it not I will pretend that I never purchased such useless crap.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

You Gots to Get Dirty

I did it! I ran The Dirty Dash last Saturday. I had no idea that it was going to be so much fun. Who knew that I could enjoy myself so thoroughly while also being filthy as can be. Our team name as Ladiez and Gorilla Gangstaz. It turned out that our Ladiez became Lady when Mish's friend backed out. Good thing Jeanpierre was more than excited to replace her. This is how we looked when we started the race. We look pretty respectable except for Chris in his camo undies! :)
Chris, Brian, Jesica, Jeanpierre, Mishael, & Matt

Right before our wave started (some of us had already lost our camo shorts)

After finishing there was a lot more clothing missing

The race was 5K (3.11 miles) through all sorts of obstacles like hay bales to climb over, slippery muddy hills to climb, walls to get over, tires to navigate through, tubes to crawl through, and mud pits to wade through. All runners were initiated to the mud at the starting line with a large sprinkler wetting the runners as well as a big old muddy hill. We stayed pretty close to each other so the pace was pretty mild. In fact I remember being pretty shocked when it said we had just finished a mile.I was glad that we had some friends to take photos when we were done because I only got photos before the race started.

After finishing they provided showers. I knew they were cold. But seriously these were much more than cold. They were icy. I'm pretty sure I could get hypothermia if I stayed in it long enough. There was a charter school there providing a hot shower for only $3. We all opted for that after getting a lot of the mud off in the freezing waters.

All in all, it was a great time and I look forward to doing it again next year!

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