My Life as a Dog

Monday, May 09, 2011

Oh My Legs!

Today I finally found out what legs I will be running for the Red Rock Relay on this Saturday.

LEG 5 "Round Mtn Runner" 2.37 Miles HARD

Description: Round Mountain will be your back drop as you put those running shoes to good use. Trust us, after this run, your treadmill and local home streets may become unbearable. Just savor each moment so you can remember this 2.37 miles for he REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Safety: Remote road with low traffic. Watch for vehicles. Elevation gains may become a concern. User caution if feeling light headed.

LEG 12 "Sunset Finisher" 7.62 Miles MEDIUM

Description: The last running leg will bring you from the outskirts of town into the heart of Moab and your triumphant return to Swanny Park. The run is on mixed road and trails and a steady descent, you may even set a PR as you bring it home for your team.

Safety: Be aware of local traffic as you near the city. Most of the roads have low traffic and wide shoulders but be cautious of things bigger and faster than you.