My Life as a Dog

Sunday, May 29, 2011

'A' is for Apple

I've only had to deal with the Apple store a few times. First when I went in to have them replace the battery in my first iPhone and they gave me a new phone and a pair of headphones. I was only expecting a battery repair when I went in. Well yesterday I went into the Apple store again. This time I was hoping they would replace my iPhone headphones because, well, they just don't work at all anymore. I didn't have an appointment with the Apple Bar and just asked a sales associate what I needed to do. He tried them out on my phone and then tried out his pair. Then he just said that he'd get me some new ones! He didn't ask my name or look up any information on my phone. There was no paper work. Nothing! How crazy is that?! I'm just saying that Apple is pretty darn great to their customers.