My Life as a Dog

Friday, April 01, 2011


If I haven't said it here before, I'm saying it now: I work for some great guys! This year they announced that we would be doing a little March Madness competition in the office and whoever won their bracket would be the proud owner of a brand new iPad. Of course since I know next to nothing about college basketball I wasn't too hopeful about my chances. So guess what! I won! I'm lying. I was actually the biggest loser of the bunch. But my bosses are so amazing (I think might read this) that they also gave the loser an iPad! Then they proceeded to hand out iPads to everyone else. Woo hoo! I was just about to go out and buy my own.

They gave us each a 16GB wifi iPad. I decided to upgrade mine to the 64GB wifi (no 3G). I took it back to Simply Mac and paid the difference. Then the waiting began. There were 15 people on the list before me who wanted and paid for the same model but they said that they had 30 on order. I tried not to think that I had already paid for a new toy but that I didn't have it to play with. Fortunately today I overheard my coworker getting the good news that his had come in. So I called and, sure enough, they had mine too!

Since its April Fool's Day today and everyone (I thought) knows that I dropped my iPhone in the toilet, I announced to my Facebook friends that I had already dropped my iPad in the toilet too! April Fools, people!!! :)