My Life as a Dog

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Arcade Fire Burns It Up

Monday night I got a chance to check out Grammy Award winning group, Arcade Fire, at the UCCU Event Center on UVU campus. They put on a great show. I previously had not really gotten too into their music but I really enjoyed the show. I now have an increased appreciation for them and their music. The opening act was Local Natives. I was surprised and actually was liking them too. In fact, I'm listening to their Gorilla Manor album as I type. I went with my friends: Chris, Mishael, and Briggs. While there I ran into my friend, Brit, and his friend, Jessica, who happened to be standing right next to us.

Part of the entertainment for the evening were the group behind us. They were drunk and reeking. I helped them get a photo of all four of them. They explained that they were siblings. I haven't seen brothers get that friendly! Whatever, at least the made for good people watching.

None of my photos were very good and I didn't take any videos. So I have scoured the Internet to provide you some from the same show I attended.