My Life as a Dog

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Where the Buffalo Roam

Over President's Day weekend my friends, Matt & Chris, headed down to Three Lakes near Kanab to visit my friend, Steven, who is working near Zions at Zions Mountain Ranch as their horse wrangler. We'd had the trip planned for weeks and were all excited about the activities (horseback ridding, hiking, etc...) that we could do while there. 

The weather for the trip down was nice but our first night there it started to rain. I was pleased when I awoke the next morning because I couldn't hear the rain. That was short-lived as I looked out the window to see a few inches of snow. So many of our fun activities will have to happen on my next visit. Nevertheless we had a great time hanging out with Steven, visiting the color caves, making sand bottles, almost crashing on slick roads in Zions, meeting Faith, making a trip to St George, playing Bang!, feeding the buffalo, riding motorcycles, taking photos, hanging upside down, drowning mice, getting McDonald's happy meal toys, eating snicker-doodles, listening to Steven play the violin and the guitar, and watching Matt almost skinny dip on a freezing day.