My Life as a Dog

Thursday, March 03, 2011

A Prime Opportunity for Photos

Having taken lots of portraits lately, I've been considering getting a 50mm prime lens. Well this last weekend it happened. I knew that I was going to be taking engagement photos on Monday. So last Saturday I went out and purchased the lens. Then my friend and photography enthusiast, Chris, went out for a little impromptu photo shoot. We got some great photos even in the cold, snowy weather.

So why did I "need" another lens? After all my camera came with two lenses: one wide angle and one telephoto. For me the main reason was to get a faster lens. The lens I bought will work better with existing light sources and it produces more professional results. I could go into the details but basically the lens just takes better photos to begin with.

Here's my favorite shot of Chris taken with the new lens.