My Life as a Dog

Friday, March 25, 2011

One of the Hazards of Running

So in case you didn't know, I'm a runner now. I've been running a lot lately. Last night I went running for an hour. During my time on the treadmill I could tell that I was having some nipple chafing but I was surprised at what I found when I was finished. After I went into the locker room to change I realized that I was actually bleeding! I have had the chafing before on shorter runs but I thought it had to do with one particular synthetic shirt that I had been wearing. I have stopped wearing that shirt and went back to just wearing cotton t-shirts for my runs.

After doing some online research I found out that this is relatively common for men when running long distances. The common suggestions are to use Band-Aids or a lubricant like Body Glide. These sites also recommend to not wearing cotton and to wear tight fitting shirts. I can just see me getting ready for a run in the locker room applying Band-Aids or lubing up and then squeezing into a tight shirt. :)

Oh, and if you see me squeezing my chest, its that I'm feeling myself up but it helps take away some of the pain.

NOTE: I'm not going to apologize for saying "nipples" or for talking about this. Seriously people!