My Life as a Dog

Thursday, March 24, 2011

OMD: 80's Revisted

Last night I joined my long time friends, Brad and Dan, for an evening of OMD (Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark) at The Depot in Salt Lake City.

I rode with Dan up and we met Brad at Red Rock Brewery for some dinner. I love Red Rock! After a quick stop at the Apple store in The Gateway we headed over to The Depot. It's probably one of my favorite venues in SLC to see a show. It small enough to still feel pretty intimate but holds a lot a people too. They also keep it pretty clean which is rare for a venue!

The warm up band was Joy & Eric. I think they did all covers. Joy could definitely sing.

OMD came on stage shortly after 10pm. I had seen "OMD" once before in the 90's but actually it was just Paul Humphreys. This time the band actually had both original members: Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys. This is great because Andy is the main vocalist on the majority of their songs. It was especially fun to have Andy there because he was full of energy. He had all his 80's dance moves still intact. At first I thought it was goofy because he is 51! But over time I started to really appreciate that he was giving it his all and that he had the stamina to last the entire show.

Dan and I had a good time mocking some "mean girls." They kept on trying to take these sneaky photos of on of the girls with this rather large guy without him knowing it. And when I say the kept on doing it, I mean they must have taken over 10 photos. Then they would preview them and laugh at the guy. So I told Dan that I wanted one of him doing the same thing to the "mean girls." It was great! I think they figured out what we were doing. :) There was a row of people sitting that were applauding our mocking. We thought it was hilarious! Here's our best shot!

Also after the show Dan got his car rear ended by a girl that was just a bit high! Fortunately there was little damage. The girl had no idea that it even happened. There was a cop right beside us and she ended up getting a DUI. Just a little more excitement for the night!  

Below are the two videos that I took at the show.