My Life as a Dog

Thursday, March 31, 2011

No Soda April

Before March started I had thought that I wanted to go a month with no soda. Before I knew it, it was March 2nd and then it felt too late to start. I know that sounds ridiculous but there is something mental about it being a full complete month. You may remember that last year I did a French Fry Free February. This year's "No Soda April" seem much more daunting since soda is a daily routine with me. I start most work days with a nice big 44oz Diet Dr Pepper with a fresh lime from my local Holiday. Then there is usually a soda associated with lunch and maybe one after work.

So why would I do this? Well for one just to show myself that I have the power to do whatever I set my mind to accomplish. But secondly, I'm hoping that being soda free will assist my running and maybe breathing abilities. Thirdly, if it allows me to drop some more weight, that would definitely be a bonus!

So why say it here? Well I've found that when I make public commitments, I am much more likely to keep them. I've casually mentioned it to a few people but that can easily be dismissed. So here it is: I declare April a soda free month!

NOTE: I write this while sipping on my icy cold soda! :)