My Life as a Dog

Friday, February 11, 2011

Rex Lee Run

I'm doing it again. After my Santa Run one of my nieces got inspired made me commit to running another 5K with her. We decided that March would be a good time to do it. So I looked into what was available and found the Rex Lee Run - Run for a Cure is in March. I have been telling everyone that I was going to do it because that is just how I am: I like to over-share. Well March is almost here and my niece has decided it will still be too cold for her asthma issues and running. But now I have publicly committed to it too. So last week I officially registered on my own. :( Since then I have been recruiting others to run too. I'm pleased to report that I won't be running it alone. I have several friends planning on it now. Well, at least I won't be starting it alone. Who knows once we start actually running.