My Life as a Dog

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

You SPIN Me Round (Like a Record)

So its a new year and you know what that means, right? Yes, it means that the gyms are over crowded for a few weeks and then occupancy returns to normal. I don't plan on being one of those casualties. I decided that I wanted to kick up my exercise a bit now that the holidays are over and I want to get back to my weight loss/fitness regimen. As you might have read in previous posts, I took up running a few months ago and now when my brother, Ben, suggested I come to Gold's Gym's spinning class I figured it was a good opportunity to stretch and try something new. The classes are Tuesday and Thursdays at noon so I could fit it into my work schedule pretty good.

Yesterday I went for my first class. The class had a few familiar faces including my brother, Alysha (my niece's best friend and my fellow cruise friend), and several of my brother's coworkers that I knew. The teacher of the class is Ronna and let me just say that she is CRAZY. When it comes to spinning class I guess that is a good thing. I picked a cycle and tried to get it all adjusted for body. When the class actually started the lights went down and I found that I was sitting right in brightest spot in the room. I felt like I had a big spotlight pointed at my head. :) Within the first five minutes Ronna had me working up a big sweat. So glad I stopped by my house to pick up my forgotten towel. I'm not sure that all spinning classes are like this but this one was a good upper body workout too. I had just worked out my upper body the night before at the gym and I had run my standard 5K. So I was maybe a little too tired before we even started. I hung in there. I cheated as I needed to which felt like a lot. Before I knew it the hour was up and it was time to shower and get back to work. I was exhausted.

A day latter and I still feel pretty beat. I think instead of heading back to spinning class tomorrow I will wait until next week. Maybe once a week will be plenty for a few weeks. In any case it was fun to try out something new and I hope it gives my body the jolt that it needs.