My Life as a Dog

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

When What to My Wondering Eyes Should Appear

Santa's elves have been busy at my house. I came home from work on Tuesday to find my house all festive on the outside. There are lights hung around my garage, lights lining my walkway, and lights in the bushes! What a cool surprise. I had just decorated the inside the night before with the help of my friend Tamara. So I immediately thought that she had done this. She was quite insistent that I not skip decorating this year. But as I opened my garage and went to park I noticed the boxes that the lights must have come in sitting on the table in the garage. So the elves know my garage code. This really narrows down the list of possible suspects. I called my parents and they have no knowledge (or so they say) about what is going on. I can pretty much rule out any friends because those that know the code were visiting from out of state which is where they are now. That leaves me with just a few options. I remember giving the code to my sister Tammy once to allow her to drop something off in my garage since I was not home. Thus I'm going to guess that my sisters (Launa and Tammy) are in cahoots on this. Whoever it was put a lot of work into it. It was a very heart-warming surprise to come home to. Thanks!